Should You Schedule Muffler Service or Repair?

On nice days, it is very enjoyable to drive down the open road with your windows open and smell the fresh air while listening to the low hum of your muffler as you drive. Lately though, it has been sounding a bit louder than normal and you are even having trouble hearing the radio when it is on. It might be time for you to bring your vehicle to our Kia service center at Dorsch Kia so we can give your vehicle a once over and pay some extra attention to your muffler and exhausts.

The muffler and exhaust areas of your vehicle need to have proper air flow and be free of cracks and holes in order to sound normal. Any bit of damage to this area can cause a large change in how your vehicle sounds when it is driving. Usually a simple fix is all that is needed to help fix the sound level. Contact us to arrange muffler service and repair.

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