Recognize the Signs Your Starter Needs Service

When your car fails to start or barely start up, you may tend to automatically blame the battery. However, in many cases, it's the starter going out. Stop by Dorsch Kia here in Green Bay if you have starter concerns or any other automotive issues.

Seldom will the starter go out without warning. You may get warnings but choose to ignore them. Here are a few warning signs that your starter may need help.

  • Grinding noise when you're trying to start the car
  • Whining sound from the starter when engine isn't turning on
  • Smoke that may be accompanied with a burning smell
  • Smell of burnt oil
  • The car makes no attempt to start when you turn the key

If you're in need of a new starter or have concerns about your starter going out, call us or stop at our Green Bay, WI car repair shop and have our techs check it out. We also offer many other automotive services and supplies you may need.