Gaskets Help Protect Your Engine

Gaskets are important components of your vehicle because they work to keep fluids from mixing together and harming the vehicle's engine. There are many gaskets inside the vehicle, and while they are designed to last a long time, eventually they will deteriorate and will need replacing.

These gaskets serve to connect together the surfaces of various engine parts to ensure that fluids and gases won't escape or mingle. They can tolerate extreme conditions and contact with different chemicals, and they will adhere to the shape of the contact surfaces. Because they are designed for a specific vehicle, they form a perfect seal.

Eventually gaskets will fail, but their life can be extended by following certain steps such as changing the oil and coolant when it is time to do so. Making sure to use the recommended fluids, keeping the correct torque on the bolts and checking the gaskets periodically will also help extend the life of the gaskets.

If you bring your vehicle in to Dorsch Kia in Green Bay, WI, we will check the gaskets, bolts and fluids and provide any other car repair services you may require.

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