Extremely Important Reasons Your Tire Pressure Light is Illuminated

If the tire pressure indicator on your vehicle's dashboard says the air pressure is off, don't ignore that warning. Trouble could be right around the corner, so take action sooner to avoid trouble later. The tires with pressure that is too high could ride just in the center, which wears the tread too quickly in that one area and makes it harder to control the vehicle on wet roads. Tire wear in that area alone could reduce the life of the tread sooner too.

When there is not enough air in the car tires, more of the side of the tire treads will come in contact with the roads. This causes more friction and makes it harder to steer the vehicle, not to mention the car tire could experience a blowout. Don't risk getting a tire blowout. Visit our Green Bay, WI dealership so our Kia service technicians can carefully inspect those treads.

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